Thursday, December 07, 2006

taking a night offf

My dad once told me the state of one's room often reflects the state of their head :S

I don't know how bad this room is compared to yours, but I'm pretty proud. Whenever I get really busy with school, my tidyness starts to decrease. I get 'in the zone,' and worry more about utility than appearance. If it doesn't get in the way of my brain, it doesn't matter. Like using a textbook to cut cheese on, or wearing the same pants for three days so i don't have to move my wallet and pens.

Anyhow, I took tonight off in hopes of regaining some amount of godliness (as the queen would say). I watched a 5 hr movie, which was pretty wicked cool, and mange'd some food. Now, early Bed! Yeeeh!

To all you hardworkers out there, fear not, I shall join your ranks come weekend. But for now, i'm on leave. Lates