Saturday, June 30, 2007

couple random things

I'm not gonna lie, it's been over a month that I've blogged, and I'm not really feeling it now. But there are a few things going on that I'm pretty happy about.

Support Raising is going well, I'm at 50% of my minimum, which is great. I'm well on my way to being 100%.

My life has consisted of things besides support raising, one of which was me getting a bike from my brother Ira. It's pretty sweet, a road bike so the tires are thinner. He rode it for a while, but then stopped and decided to give it to me. I'm planning on taking it to North Africa with me. I got a wicked cool lock. I fiddled with the bike and some contraption to put the lock on today and had a great time. Problem solving is one of the greatest things ever. I didn't solve the problem that presented itself, which was a conflict of space between the bike lock and water bottle. The bottle won, and hence the law on non-contradiction still stands. ... phew..

Another thing was a brief early life crisis. I worried that I should have taken something more practical than philosophy. Until 3rd yr I was an International Development Major as well, which has more job opportunities. It applies to missionary work pretty well too. In the end though, when I made my decision to specialize in the least practical subject I was doing my best to follow God's will, so I'm gonna trust that this degree has better purposes than I can see right now.
It also helped me realize who I am. I'm not Christian who is a "practical athiest." One who believes God is in command, but never leaves anything to faith and seeks to live as secure a life as possible. So who am I? Well, someone who's gotta trust that God is a good father, and when he leads me, he's got a good plan for me.

Hope everyone else is loving the summer, and to all you support razers, may God equip you soon to what he's called you to.