Tuesday, January 16, 2007

the philosophy of Jack Bauer (poo-losophy)

I think Jack Bauer is pretty great, the pinnicle of secular man's evolution. Nevertheless, something needs to be said. Jack Bauer is a utilitarian. Utilitarianism is the ethical that states people should act in such a way to maximize happiness for the greatest number of people. The way to judge an action is how much happiness it produces, not what type of action it is. So you can act in such a way to make some people suffer, as long as you're producing happiness for others that outweighs the suffering. You may find it surprising that this is the predominant moral theory in western politics.

Enter Jack Bauer. He tortues people without knowing for sure if they're a terrorist, he'll allow innocent people to die in order to extract info from criminals, he'll even break his word, all in the name of saving "thousands of lives." So is Jack Bauer still a moral guy? I'm not sure. I'm unconfortable praising his morality, but whatever. What I'm most unconfortable with is everyone adopting an Utilitarian ethical stance because Jack Bauer is so damn cool. We still need to be critical, even if it is Jack.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

a new year's goal

We were going around the circle in our MDGLDG (male-discipleship-group-leader-discipleship-group), giving new year hopes, and even though I hadn't really consciously made this one, it came to mind quickly. My hope this year is to find something relaxing to do everyday. I think I can become a work-a-holic pretty easily, and it destroys my joy. I feel productive and can keep it up for a while, but I don't think I should be acting like that. It turns me into a short of means to my vision and goals, stopping me from enjoying God's gifts. I think what I'm describing right now is the case for many a burnt-out minister. There is a vision to accomplish, but there's a soul to nurture as well. I think those who've been with C4C or pastoral leadership for a while have learned this lesson.

so i'm trying to teach myself by not working from waking till sleeping (minus devos), but instead grabbing a vanilla bean hot choc, or reading for interest, or aerobics (yeh I aerob), or sitting down with a friend just to chill. anyhow, I'd like to hear if anyone has similar hopes for their new year :)

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

the mckenzie's

I really want to blog about how funny my family is. You may not find this funny, cause my writing is too limited or you can't relate, but I'm going to try.
My family centers around my mother, a Pentecostal Italian who works a lot at home and office, and never stops asking questions. My dad is like a supporting actor who occasionally steps into the main role. He's usually pretty quiet, in the background reading or sleeping. My brother Steve has moved out, but he was kinda like my mom. I'm similar to my dad. Finally, my grandma lives about 4 blocks away, so she comes over often and sits in our living room.

here's a typical night

I came home from hanging out with some C4C'ers, and walk into my living room, where grandma and my mom were watching Mr. Bean on a TV. It looks like my mom brought her bedroom DVD-TV down and put it on one of the fold-up dinner tables (classic). So I say hi, kiss grandma, and mom and grandma continue their convo. Looks like grandma would like a combo-DVD TV as well. My mom catches me before I get up the stairs, "Andrew, come back, I want to ask you something important," (no surprise there).
"Yeah mom?"
"How much do you think a TV like this cost?"
"Yeah, probly get one for a hundred bucks?"
"See ma, a hundred bucks."
"Reeaally?" Grandma raises her eyebows, a little skeptical, "Do they sell them at Wal-Mart?"
"Oh yeh, for sure. You can definitely find one for under a hundred," I said. My mom looked pleased, and grandma a bit relieved.

So then I walked up the stairs, past the $800 painting my mom got for $10 at a Japanese bazaar, and into my room to read. My dad was reading with the TV on.

back in business

I realized how much I need a schedule to motivate myself this Christmas break. I had so many lofty hopes, like finishing an essay and reading a Piper book. None materialized. I just couldn't get going, there was always something more fun to do, and if not, then I'd rent some 24 and watch Jack Bauer. I watchd 9 episodes one day. I really enjoyed that day too.

Anyhow, I'm glad to be back on schedule with classes and c4c responsibilities. There are some pretty scary challenges coming up too. Like initiating a policy battle with the admin, living for Christ in my rez, handing over the leadership reins at York C4C. As uncomfortable as I am with these challenges, it's weird that I feel most secure and with it when I have them. I don't think this is a great quality to have. I think it's more mature to be able to relax when you have free time, and jump back into things with gusto when that time is up.

Anyhow, I'm back (and likely so are you) and that's all there is to it. Here's to the power of the cross being worked out in my life and yours this next semester.