Monday, May 28, 2007

Guy's Night Out

What do three educated, good-looking, single men do on a Friday night? Most eligible bachelors hit the bars, and buy ladies drinks, but not Ryan, Silas and me. We're a special breed, the kind without much money. The kind who will scratch their brains for half an hour, trying to figure out how to have fun without spending more than their bus fare.

So what did we come up with? Nothing less than a photo-shoot adventure. We picked up our cameras and hit the town. Here are some of my favourites.

I quote, "like argyle on a building"

at the Harbour

We trespassed and climbed a mountain of rock, scrap metal, and broken glass to get this view. This photo-op wasn't meant for boys.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Fight and Fashion in Animalia

Today I saw an ant get stung by a spider, writhe in pain for a couple of minutes, then get its juices sucked out by spidey. One other ant almost helped out. He kinda took a dash at the spider and left. Probly figured it was too late.

Last week, I witnessed my cat maim, kill, and then eat a mouse. He ate the whole thing. Took less than 2 minutes.

The animal world is pretty cool. How can you not admire the fight to survive, hunting, and large amounts of reproducing. (The last one was a joke, but it still fits.)

Some animals, though, look pretty worthless.

Exhibit A.What were they thinking when they bred the Chihuahua, "let's make a dog that looks like a big rat that fits in your purse?" Maybe.

Anyhow, I hope this person finds their walking accessory, the poor thing can't last too long on its own.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

support/confidence raising

For the past two weeks I've been meeting with people to explain why I am going to North Africa, what I'll be doing there, and requesting their partnership with me. That part is not too hard. Archie and Cindy (two campus4christ staff and great parents) sat through my first attempt at a presentation. It was pretty bad, but after the initial mess-ups I've grown more comfortable with it.

The tough part is connecting with and asking them if they'd be willing to meet with me. I'm plagued by the worry they don't want to meet me. That they think I'm too much an outsider in their social network to request a financial and prayer partnership. Some struggle with this more than others. I think you can catch me somewhere on the stressed out and but I'm working through my issues side.

Alongside support raising, I've been reading the book of Ephesians (New Testament, middleish). Paul starts off by telling those Ephesians in relationship with Christ that they've been chosen by God to be his children. Children who are not just promised heaven (which is going to be great!) but safe passage in this life as well. As a son of God, I have God residing within me, guaranteeing that I will be made into a more God-like person, until I die, and the transformation is made complete.

That's pretty much Ephesians chapter 1. I'd love to talk about 2 and 3, where Paul writes about the child's previous state of depravity, and the multi-ethnic family God is building on this earth to represent himself, but these are before and after effects of what I find most comforting - the gospel. God bought me with his Son, and has produced faith in me to believe that, and will continue to produce in me exactly what's required, until I die, and stand before him. I could tell myself, "Joe really likes you!," "it's not a big deal if he doesn't," "Go get'em tiger!" as I battle a crumbling opinion of myself when I pick up that phone to call Joe whats-his-name. The gospel tells me I don't need to hang my head in shame or pyche myself up. I'm a brother of Christ - the perfect Son - and God has a plan for me that includes Joe whats-his-name (in some unknown, but good, capacity), and God will carry it through on account of his faithfulness as a father. I walk in sincere and stable faith, not in a "self-help" attitude.

The gospel has been the main source of comfort for me these past two weeks. Funny that it's not some new thing I learned that's doing "it" for me. It's the same place where I started with Christ a long time ago (well... maybe 4 years).

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

All endings call for new beginnings

The title really isn't appropriate, but last Friday was my final day as a resident student on campus. There were still a lot of things I hadn't done yet, like get drunk at the club or use the new computer lab. There was one thing that I felt compelled to do - order a Wendy's hamburger. I'm not a healthnut, but I figure when I'm hungry it's because my body wants nutrients and carbs and other things it will use to function normally. So I try to put food in my body that contains these things. I've avoided fast-food since September, caving only to the delicious pizza slices of Panzerotto Pizza, and once to a KFC chicken sandwich.

I enjoyed my Wendy's BLT Cheese Burger. It tasted a little like wet carboard covered in ketchup and cheese, but the ketchup and cheese made up for it. I kept on telling my friend (John Knight - good guy) how I couldn't believe people eat this, but inwardly I was thinking, "I could go for one of these dry, paper-like burgers again." I think they drug those things to make them more addictive. Anyhow, I don't plan on punishing my innards like that again for a while, but the brief pleasue was well worth it.

PS Is anyone else wondering what the dude behind me is thinking about his meal?