Friday, February 15, 2008

Ode to Loved Ones

I visited Spain about one month-ago with my parents for vacation. Funny how vacation and parents fit together so easily on the computer screen. Actually, I had a great and restful time. My parents are a real blessing to me. They encouraged me in my future plans and really drove home that they are proud of me. God has really used them in my life. So I'll give them a big shout out, even though they don't even really know what a blog is and will likely never read this.

Another great encouragement to me has been my team here in North Africa. They do read blogs, and so I'll give a shout out to Sid, Angela, Aban, and Selina (SAAS). They've been what has made my North Africa experience a positive one, and have helped me grow in different ways.

So below are pictures of both my parents and my other "family" on my Spanish vacation. It will be harder to pick out Sid, Angela, Aban and Selina since they didn't actually come on vacation with me. Instead, they asked me to take pics of things I thought represented them well. I don't think you'll be able to guess, it's really completely subjective to me and how I see my them. But you may want to try...

Thanks for looking at my pics!